Sell My House Fast Lafayette Co

How am I supposed to sell my house fast  Lafayette CoUntil recently you only had two choices when selling your house. You could have either contacted a realtor and put your houseon the market or be braveand try to sellit on the old tatic, “For Sale by Owner.”  While both methodsare still available today, these are outdated and come with tons of stress and anxiety.sell my house fast Lafayette co

Many studies have shown that selling your houseis one of the most stressful events of your life. And rightfully so when you look at the traditionalhouse selling processes.  Before you decide on a traditionaloption, ask yourself these questions:


  • Do you really want togo through the hassle of listing your housewith a real estate agent?
  • Do you really want todeal with interruptions in your normal routine and always have your house spotless and readyfor strangers to come snooping around in?
  • Do you really want toget those last minutes call from your agent, at the most inopportune times, like when you are leaving for your son’s baseball game or just started dinner?
  • Do you really want to wait months for the real estate agent to finally bring you a potential buyer that mayor may not decide to put an offer on the house?
  • Do you really want to risk the buyer trying to get a mortgage approved?Knowing that if the loan isn’t approved, the whole process starts all over again.
  • Do you really want to deal with a picky buyer that will ask you to update the house or do lots of costly repairs that you don’t have the money for?
  • Do you really want to take a percentage of the money you get from your house and pay a real estate agent’s commission, closing cost, and other fees?
  • BE HONEST, do you really want to subject your family to all that stress?we buy houses Lafayette co
  • Since we are not realtors,we do not ask you to stage the property or recommend any updates or repairs to be done. There is no marketing or advertising needed. We are not looking for prospective buyers.There is a better way! What if you could just sell your house to us? You pick the closing date,  you would not have to deal with all the delays, hassles and the inconveniences of traditional methods. We have simplified the whole house selling process.  We are cash house buyers of Lafayette, Co.


We offer a hassle-free, quick, and easy solution to selling your house.We buy houses in Lafayette, CO, for any reason or in any condition!

  • “As-Is” Condition
  • NoObligations
  • NoFees
  • NoCommissions
  • NoRealtorsFees
  • NoClosingCosts
  • NoBanks Involved—We pay CASH!

Need To Sell My House ASAP In Lafayette Co

IF you need to sell your house fast Lafayette, CO start by filling out the form below.

Follow these four simple steps:

 STEP1:Enter your basic information to see if your property qualifies. Quick, Easy & Free!

STEP2: We’ll contact you to set up a quickappointment, usually about a 10-15 call.

STEP3:You willget a fairwritten cash offer, NO OBLIGATION.

STEP4: Accept the offer and we will close at a local, reputable title company, in as little as days, you pick the closing date.

The general timeframe for the process is:


  • Fair cash offer after 24 hours
  • Quick Closing7-10days, unless you need time to move out or have tenants then 30-60 days

If you want to accept the offerprepared for you, PERFECT!  We will proceed to the next stepin the process.

If you don’t want to accept the offer, no hard feelings, there is NO OBLIGATION!

 YES… it is really that simple!

Lafayette Co Home Buyers

Are you looking for Lafeyette Co Home Buyers?We understand the feeling of being overwhelmed and the fear of selling your house the traditional way!  Also, we know that many of our clients have been through or are going through other difficult life-altering events, such as—death of a loved one, divorce, separation, illness, personal injury, job loss, needing to relocate.

You can sell my house fast Lafayette Co for any reason:



Would you like to sell your housebefore your next mortgagepayment is due? When you work with cash home buyers of Lafayette, Co., it is possible to close in as little as 7days.

YES… we understand your situation!


Unlike costly and burdensome set methods of selling your home, such as, realtor commissions, closing cost, and all associated fees,when we buy houses in Lafayette, CO, WE PAY ALL THE FEES! We take the guesswork out. Your cashoffer is the amount you receive.

YES, we pay ALL the fees!

House Buying Companies Lafayette Co

We will NEVER ask you to make costly repairs to your house. Unlike traditional methods of selling your house, where picky buyers come in and ask you to make a bunch of repairs before closing the deal, we are cash home buyers of Lafayette, CO we buy your house“As Is.” This will save you precious time and money.

YES… we will buy your house in ANY condition!

 You may be thinking, “Is it really that easy to sell my house fast Lafayette CO?”

Yes, it is! You have been under this burden for a long time. Confused and stressed not knowing what to do? Just imagine the relief when all you have to do is pack you belongings and move out.

We have helped many struggling homeowners like yourself, fill out the form below and see if we can help you.  What are you waiting for?

YES… selling your house can be a quick and simple process!