About Longmont House Buyers

Zac Wilson-Owner

Hey everyone! My name is Zac Wilson and I am the owner of Longmont House Buyers here in beautiful Longmont, Co. I am currently 32 years old (as of writing this 1/9/18) and as you can see in my picture I am a dog lover LOL. That is my partner in crime and her name is MIYA. I was born and raised in Pueblo, Co and graduated from East High School

I originally started buying houses in Pueblo, Co under the business name “I Buy Pueblo Houses” I still actually buy houses down there but I have been wanting to expand to Northern Colorado because I like the area so much! I like to play online poker, like to take my dog for walks, love watching football, and love rehabbing houses! I will be the person you will mostly be dealing with on the sale of your home! I wanted to write this so you knew a little bit about the guy that was buying houses! If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to call or email me directly! I would love to speak with you

Zac Wilson