5 Expert Tips On How To Sell Your House Fast In 2020

Are you looking to sell your house fast in 2020? Maybe you’re going through a divorce, are tired of having landlord duties, or maybe you can no longer afford the payments. There’s an endless list of reasons as to why you might need to sell a home quickly. Unfortunately, the selling and buying process isn’t … Continued

How to Sell a Tenant-Occupied House: 7 Important Steps

Well… this is awkward. You’re looking to sell a house fast in an appropriate amount of time and are ready to take the correct steps to doing so. There’s only one problem… your house has current tenants that you need to be respectful of. Whether you’ve recently inherited the house in some fashion or have … Continued

What Happens When A House Sits Vacant? Find Out Now!

Selling A Vacant House in Longmont, Co Whether its the city or the country, by the lake or in the mountains, every neighborhood has a creepy abandoned house. The reasons for empty homes are varied. Some are waiting to sell. Some are inherited properties. Some have fallen into such an awful state of repair that … Continued

Buying A House With Cash Process In Longmont Co

Home prices are dropping for the first time in seven years in Denver and the surrounding area. With this drop, more buyers can purchase their new home for cash. As a seller, a cash buyer can be beneficial if you need to sell your home quickly. The buying a house with cash process works slightly different … Continued

Selling A Home As Is In Longmont Co

What To Expect Whether you’re going through a divorce, have recently inherited a home you know you can’t keep, or if you’re just tired of your nosy neighbors, you’re ready to move ASAP. You don’t want to have to waste time making home upgrades, repairs, and renovations. You certainly aren’t interested in having to pay … Continued

How Does a Short Sale Work In Longmont?

How Does A Short Sale Work In Longmont? Real estate is one of the best ways to boost wealth. In fact, experts peg real estate as a top way to invest. And short sales can be a good way to grab cash and sell real estate. We here at Longmont House buyers used to buy … Continued